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It starts with a clear, authentic and persuasive vision - crafted by effective storytelling. It then goes to practical and operational business planning. Then, it goes to execution and driving results. Assaf helps companies through this journey as an on-demand CMO.

From Marketing Strategy to Operational Execution

Below are selected examples of services provided by Assaf Luxembourg to various businesses, from startups and SMEs to multinational corporations, from tech companies and financial institutions to non-profits, and beyond.


Your vision, mission and corporate messaging should not be “written”, but rather discovered. They already exist, since it’s about who you are. A good corporate narrative design is all about crafting and curating the most effective and authentic storyboard (and complementary items), in the most clear, persuasive and solid manner. Learn more.

Corporate Messaging & Storytelling


You’ve got a great story, but now you need to tell it. On stage, in board rooms, in 1:1 Meetings, etc. These all require different variations of storytelling and pitching, and a good practice is all about setting the foundations, so that in every new scenario, your best and most authentic and persuasive performance will arise, in the most natural way. Learn more.

Pitch, Persuasion & Presentation Practice

Unlike traditional business plans, operational “action plans” are all about “who’s doing what, where, how, when, why - and how do we measure our progress towards success.” From discovery, research, advisory, goal-setting, strategy formulation and execution planning - Assaf helps with all the above, with an Israeli mindset twist. Learn more.

Marketing Operational Planning


Time to get things done. From on-going business development, B2B lead generation and acquisition management, marketing operation, project management, and generally making sure that your plans are executed - Assaf Luxembourg helps various businesses as a boutique CMO-as-a-service, on demand - all the way to helping the next in-house one succeed. Learn more.

Execution & CMO-as-a-Service



Co-Founder & CEO, Obrecsys

Assaf Luxemburg has been acting as outsourced CMO at Obrecsys, as part of the work scope with Plus972 creative agency, where he also serves as a partner. Assaf has had a tremendous contribution to our marketing strategy, go-2-market, positioning, lead generation and account acquisition - as well as our website and other marketing collateral. I find Assaf as a great source of knowledge and knowhow that helped Obrecsys structure and expedite branding, design and marketing as well as forming business development processes in the company. I warmly recommend working with Assaf and the Plus 972 group in branding, creative and marketing collateral.



Ctech (Calcalist)

Is 2023 the year of “CMO-as-a-Service”?

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Ctech (Calcalist)

The behavioral journey from startups to companies

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Ctech (Calcalist)

Don’t be a startup in the “startup business”

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