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Why This Speaking Engagement?

This speaking engagement is a great fit for any group, in any related event, both in Israel or abroad. It works perfectly as a keynote speech, or, as a personal development talk. For groups visiting Israel, this talk is a great additional unique content, following the Assaf's known Start-Up Nation talk. This speaking engagement is extremely effective for both young professionals (as practical advise) and veterans and executives (as an understanding of today's young generation in the work sphere).

Personal Notes

​In this speaking engagement, Assaf uses examples from his professional journey so far, to provide practical lessons about start-ups, why many of them fail, and how it all comes down to self awareness about one's goals, desires and aspirations. Assaf then talks about lessons from his entrepreneurial journey as a freelance consultant and speaker, and how this is crucial in today's on-demand and future gig economy. Assaf also provides practical personal development tools which participants could use themselves.

Added Values

v  Authentic

v  Interesting and refreshing

v  Light and friendly approach

v  Practical for any target-audience

v  Could be customized for clients' needs

v  True valuable insights for young professionals

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Lessons about Start-Ups

Lessons about Start-Ups

Lessons about start-ups, from Assaf's experience as a start-up consultant and CEO

Lessons about Entrepreneurship

Lessons about Entrepreneurship

Today's world of work and implications on entrepreneurship

Find your career path

Find your career path

How to discover and commit to career goals and paths in today's economy