Speaker & Consultant

My biggest passion is promoting Israel through business.

I am experienced in business-development, marketing and sales.


I have met and presented to thousands of businessmen, investors, entrepreneurs, students, young adults, senior citizens, teenagers, professional audiences, non-business-affiliated audiences, Jewish and non-Jewish audiences, via missions, programs, delegations, and conferences, both in Israel and around the world.

I provide content which varies from Israel's economic landscape, Israel's business culture, the birth of "Start-Up Israel", entrepreneurship in today's on-demand economy, the meaning of an entrepreneurial career path, business and marketing tools for entrepreneurs, and more.

I provide consulting services, and have helped organizations I worked for, big and small alike, achieve results from strategy to operations, under pressure and uncertainty. I am experienced in helping organizations implement organized methodologies for operations and management within various fields of activities, from logistics marketing and others. My experience varies from the private sector (ventures and start-ups, SMBs, corporate, and independent service providers) to public sector and non-profit/third sector.

My name in Hebrew: אסף לוכסמבורג

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► Generating business activities and initial revenues for start-ups.

► Helping start-ups fundraise and crowdfund through social-impact campaigns.

► Writing and supervising the implementation of a strategic annual marketing and sales plan.

► Developing HR resources through an internship based program.

► Implementing a corporate business development and sales methodology within organizations.

► Leading and managing an independently self-organized business delegation to Israel, from marketing and sales to operation and execution.

► Content development on Israel's economy to various organizations in the public and private sector.

► Generating new proven revenue models and business activities.