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Below are two versions of my bio. 

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General Version

Assaf Luxembourg, from Israel, founded and built his business around his passion, to connect people to his country through business. Since the rise of "Start-Up Israel", Assaf has been acting as a brand ambassador, exposing people from all over the world to Israel's economy and business culture. As a marketing and business development professional, Assaf also consults and advises various start-ups, and devotes much of his work to empowering young professionals in today's new world of work. Assaf has been speaking to tens of thousands of businessmen, investors, entrepreneurs, young professionals, students and others. Assaf is also part of various start-ups and organizations. In his past, Assaf led a start-up as CEO, was a part of Barclays Accelerator and Techstars in Israel, and worked for organizations such as BDO, Israel's Ministry of Finance, and others. Assaf holds BA in Economics and Political Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. More about Assaf:

Speaking Engagements Focused Version

Assaf Luxembourg provides consulting, content and speaking engagement services on Israel's economic landscape, Israel's business culture, the birth of "Start-Up Israel", entrepreneurship in today's on-demand economy, the meaning of an entrepreneurial career path, business and marketing tools for entrepreneurs, and more. Assaf met and presented to thousands of businessmen, investors, entrepreneurs, students, young adults, senior citizens, teenagers, professional audiences, non-business-affiliated audiences, Jewish and non-Jewish audiences, via missions, programs, delegations, and conferences, both in Israel and around the world. Assaf is also an occasional speaker and moderator in various business events. In addition to his work, Assaf is also the Director of Business Development at Silo. Assaf also mentors start-ups and entrepreneurs in various programs, led a start-up as a CEO, worked for TAGLIT Birthright-Israel, the Israeli Ministry of Finance, BDO Israel and others. Assaf holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. More about Assaf: 


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