Bruno L. Zular Wertheim

Market Research at Zirra

It has been a great pleasure to work along Assaf during the past 5 months. His professional career acknowledgment is very enriching and those who are lucky enough to receive it, will for sure, have good chances to achieve their professional goals. Assaf was able to show me a different perspective than what I was used to. I had the chance to learn and understand better ways to build long-lasting professional connections and use them for my personal growth. With great self motivation, Assaf is highly committed to his clients' success. I can say with confidence that his guidance took me further and opened new doors in Israel - my new country, which I chose to call home. I’m sure I’ve made a great friend for years to come. Thank you so much Assaf, and keep up with the brilliant work.

Georgia Fink

Marketing Coordinator at Gazuros

I had the honor and pleasure of working with Assaf during my Masa 3 month internship program in Israel. From day 1, Assaf reassured that this Internship experience and this opportunity to work in Israel was not only going to be fun and interesting, but extremely valuable to my personal and career development. Assaf guided me down the path based on my industry interests and exposed me to startup events, LinkedIn seminars and gave me overall support that has led me to be a more motivated and driven individual due to knowing my short, mid and long term goals. Assaf impacted my internship tremendously and I am grateful to everything that I learned. I strongly encourage taking on the opportunities to work with Assaf for career development and to gain the most out of the Masa experience.

Natalia Bajak

Business Development & Marketing at Chatway

I have met Assaf during my Masa Israel Journey. He gave me the best advice for my internship program and helped me with defining my short and long term goals. He is an incredible mentor, and honestly, one of the most important people I have met in Israel. Thanks to him, I was able to understand that even as an unpaid intern, I can still achieve as much as I can. He taught me to treat my boss as my customer, so I was able to communicate clearly and focus exactly on my development and career path. Every time when I needed his help, he was available to talk and ready to help me to find a smart solution. I could rely on him all the time. He also connected me to wonderful people. I got a pleasure to meet professionals from Israeli high-tech world and learned from their experience. Thanks to him, I was able to say who I am and what are my future goals. I cannot even describe using words how much I got from him! I wish everyone to meet this incredible mentor, a person who cares, shares his passion for business and who can change your career path immediately and professionally.

Shira Sneg

Head of Business Development and Partnerships, Merkspace

I had the absolute pleasure to work closely with Assaf during my time as a Destination Israel participant. From the get-go, I knew Assaf was in my corner. Assaf always made time for me despite a packed schedule, challenged me to think about situations from different angles, and empowered me toward my long-term success. His dedication to the people he serves, knowledge, sense of purpose, and work ethic are doubly inspiring and infectious. Through Assaf's mentorship, I developed greater alignment between values dear to me and putting them to practice, like giving first and being authentic, as well as learned to “think like a business unit”. My time learning from and working with Assaf had been tremendously integral to laying the foundation for my success as an Israeli-Canadian returning to Israel, and so I recommend working with him wholeheartedly.

Martin Siber

B&D Team Analyst at Signals Analytics

As a participant in a Masa Israel Journey program, I was lucky to meet and work with Assaf and be part of his mentoring group. On a professional level, Assaf's motivation and useful advice helped and empowered me to achieve my goals. But most importantly, on a personal level, during Assaf's mentoring I was able to develop a "business" mindset that I will carry with me on every future career and life chapters. Thank you, Assaf!

Jarred Maram

Operations & Business Development at 365^x Business Accelerator

I have had the honor and privilege of working closely with Assaf Luxembourg as part of my Israel Journey Masa Program. Assaf is extremely dedicated and always found time in his busy schedule to mentor and assist me with current and future career goals and integration into Israeli working culture. Assaf has allowed me to start thinking like a ‘business unit’. Assaf has played a pivotal role in my success in Israel and I recommend him to anybody who considers participating on a Masa program.

Hanna Kimelblat

Social Media Manager at Engie

Assaf was my professional mentor during my Masa program, and I'm so grateful for that. He is amazing at what he does, always there when you need him and always making sure your experience is the best possible. Assaf is an incredibly motivated professional, and it's impossible not to be captivated by his positive energy. He keeps you wanting to do your best, while helping you every step of the way. During the program, I found myself in many difficult situations, but Assaf was ALWAYS there to help me out. He gave me great advices and made me understand the Israeli professional environment a lot better! Being in a different country and working at a completely new job can be tricky, but thanks to Assaf, my journey was as smooth as it could be. I'm forever grateful for his patience and care when it comes to mentoring. I guess all I can say is "thank you, Assaf" for all your fantastic work!

Rachel Kass

Paralegal at Asserson

Assaf is an incredibly motivated, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial individual whose devotion and pragmatic guidance enthuses others to seize opportunities. As my mentor during my Masa Israel Journey, Assaf encouraged me to think of myself as a business unit and provided me with tools to both thrive and survive in today’s world of work. On a professional level, Assaf exemplifies what it means to be a leader: a natural motivator who is ambitious, innovative and supportive. On a personal level, it was his devotion and caring demeanour that helped me to develop professionally and instilled in me the confidence to succeed. I am very thankful to Assaf for both challenging and guiding me. I wish him every success for the future.​

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Raphael Hassid

Operations Director at Keepin

​I had the opportunity and pleasure working and being mentored by Assaf through a 6-month internship at Keepin. Assaf is of course an outstanding leader, but most importantly knows how to empower his people. He gave me key insights about how to push a business forward, how to interact with colleagues, and a lot of other things. Above all, he was there whenever I felt low personally or needed advice for my work. He was always patient to understand my point of view, and willing to hear my ideas, making my work always meaningful. Apart from that, Assaf knows his own thing (promoting Israel) like nobody else, including an outstanding culture and an ability to communicate it to anybody he meets. I am grateful to him and I definitely recommend him to any business people, and especially to the young willing to live or work in Israel.

Ariel Ontman

Operations at Keepin

Through my internship in Israel I had the pleasure of working under Assaf, a great mentor and better friend. Assaf made sure that my work was always meaningful and catered tasks towards my future goals. He gave me key advice whenever I asked and overall could not have asked for someone better to report to. He impacted my internship tremendously and I am grateful to everything that I learned by working under his supervision!

Denis Pechersky

Product Analyst at Silo

I’ve been lucky enough to have Assaf as my mentor during my internship at Silo, as part of Masa project. As a mentor, he assisted me in formulating my short and long-term goals, gave me some practical advice about my professional integration in Israel as well as about everyday Israeli life. As a manager, Assaf did a great job of organizing the workflow, keeping KPIs in mind and at the same time preserving quite an agile and informal environment. As a business development and marketing professional, Assaf taught me some useful networking, public speaking, social media marketing and biz dev skills. Finally, Assaf has become a great friend who I can still rely on at any moment. Probably the most valuable thing I learned working with Assaf is the philosophy of helping others as the main ingredient of a happy life and professional success - Assaf always starts and finishes his day with “How I can help?”

Karina Stark

Senior Consultant at Silo

Assaf is one of the greatest minds that I have ever had the pleasure to work with and for at Silo.co as part of my “Masa Israel Journey” program. His passion for Israel, startups, mentoring, marketing and entrepreneurship has influenced me greatly in helping me develop my own career path. He knows how to get the best out of his team, give them the right responsibilities and make sure they keep on developing themselves professionally. I enjoyed working for him, since he is a kind and generous manager who is also a strong, educated, and powerful leader. But not only he is a manager, but a friend, a mentor, someone who cares about helping anyone find and discover what they are truly passionate about. Also, he is extremely fun to work with and his motivation for success is inspiring. It has been a true pleasure to work with and for Assaf and I was so fortunate to have this opportunity!!

Lenny Bohbot

Marketing Director at Crowdmii

Assaf is bright, driven and a natural leader whose enthusiasm inspires confidence, leadership and the motivation to bring success. As an intelligent and innovative problem-solver, Assaf has the foresight necessary to anticipate any emerging obstacles, as well as the know-how to promptly develop strategies to overcome said obstacles. Overall, he is a key asset to any successful team. Throughout my time at Crowdmii, Assaf challenged and engaged me to grow as a professional young man. As my mentor, he instilled the tools and skills that will last with me for the rest of my life. As a friend, I wish Assaf all the best in the future.

Louisa Gorbatov

Business Development Consultant at BDO Israel

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is both a mentor and a coach – but I did when I worked for Assaf. He is bright, sharp, and has an incredible passion for his work. Assaf’s go-getter attitude motivates every member of the team that he manages. I participated in the MASA internship program at BDO under Assaf’s supervision. During my time at BDO Israel, he encouraged me to learn, engage and grow in the Financial Consulting industry. He imparted his expert knowledge and instilled the skills and tools necessary for my professional success. Assaf challenged me to continue to develop my career and I hope to work with him in the future. I wish him all the best of luck in his professional future and I can’t wait to see what great things he will accomplish!

Michael Fisch

Director of Digital Marketing / Foreign Relations Dept. at StarTau

Assaf was a great influence on my life and career experience while I was at StarTau. As my direct manager, he encouraged me to expand my creativity and marketing skills and created an incredible learning environment surrounding me with experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders, intelligent young professionals and more. He welcomed me into his home and family, and showed me the true nature of Israeli hospitality, an atypical experience coming from a place where work and personal life aren't usually mixed. Assaf exemplifies the essence of Israeli innovation, hard work, professionalism, and most of all fun. Without Assaf, I would not be where I am today. I am deeply thankful for having known him and will hopefully work with him again!

Reisy Abramof

Program Coordinator Associate, Techstars

I had the pleasure to work with Assaf during the Barclays Techstars Accelerator in Tel Aviv. His passion and enthusiasm for what he does is really outstanding. He has the perfect combination of being a natural motivator and a great executor. I was particularly impressed with his ability to support the start-ups drafting their pitches and also improving tremendously their public speaking skills. He also has an impressive network in the start-up ecosystem in a global level that is definitely a unique asset. As a friend and a colleague, I can say that Assaf was definitely an inspiration and made my working experience in Israel unforgettable!

Reuven Goldenberg

Product Associate, Techstars

I had the pleasure of working with Assaf at Barclay’s Techstars. Assaf is very pro-active and thorough about identifying and approaching potential problems. He is completely committed to helping you define the problem and will lead you to the solution, all the while heading the approach and working with you to achieve your desired goal. I personally worked with Assaf with high-tech companies and his experience and thinking are especially geared towards this world. Assaf’s big-picture mentality allows him to smoothly manage projects and teams from vision to reality.

Alon Dagan

UI/UX Design Associate at Techstars

I have had the privilege of working together with Assaf on the Barclays Accelerator Powered by Techstars in Tel Aviv. Assaf and I were commissioned to help entrepreneurs to build their start ups in their early stage, me as a UI/UX Design Associate and Assaf as a Business Development and Marketing Associate. Assaf stands out in is his ability to guide entrepreneurs and develop strong strategy and action plan. Assaf is very professional, hardworking, brilliantly articulate and a strong presenter. As a colleague and a friend, it is an honor for me to recommend and endorse him. I have no doubt he would be a great asset to any company!

Nirit Mor

VP Business Development, Marketing & Sales at BDO Israel

Assaf has been a pleasure to work with, bringing his attention to detail to every project. He was a very reliable employee and was able to handle his tasks independently and with great competence. His communication and people skills are excellent, and he works well as a part of a team and can function as a leader when required. Assaf is highly respected by his team members, colleagues and management. Assaf would be a valuable addition to any company he chooses to join, and I'm sure he will be an asset to any employer.

Roni Hershkovitz

Director of Overseas Economic Information at Israel Ministry of Finance

This is not the 'usual' type of recommendation you see - simply because Assaf is a rare phenomenon both as a person and as a worker. Assaf is a very devoted worker, and an ever-lasting developing and learning employee. He is highly appreciated in the International Affairs Department, and beyond it. Not only he learns fast, he also works consistently to improve and advance his activities and professional level. During the time he works in the department, Assaf achieved many of our joint professional goals, and frequently surpassed my high expectations. His creativeness, devotion, seriousness and long-term vision have benefited us all in the department and the ministry. Above all - Assaf's integrity and his quality of being a 'people's person' puts him above any other colleague that I've worked with.

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Michael Malul

Founder, Shareitt

I worked with Assaf on our company's marketing and business development. Right from the get go, it was very obvious that Assaf is highly skilled, professional and has a wide vision and understanding of the company's status and its needs. Starting with him interviewing us, Assaf helped us understand ourselves better and laid the ground for us to explain to the world what we do and actually have them understand it. It was a real pleasure working with Assaf also knowing that he will be on top of everything and think ahead for you on aspects bigger than the scope of the work in hand. Aside from that, Assaf is super sharp and with his additional skills also supported us with fund raising and making the correct connections as well as escorting us through the process. Having Assaf with us during fund raising was a blessing as he was able to objectively look from outside and help us and me specifically to improve on how I present the story and company. Aside from that, I earned a friend and I am confident he will keep help other companies such as ours to push forward and make an impact.

Odelia Cohen

Co-Founder & CPO, Robin

I've worked with Assaf for over two years, he's a top creative thinker and a real pro. He helps us recruit interns, was very helpful in building State-of-the art presentations and in consulting with our Marketing strategy. He's also a very confident advocate for smart thinking and an excellent speaker / presenter. Very much enjoyed working with Assaf.

Liran Zohar

VP Sales, Robin

I was recommended to work with Assaf regarding storytelling and pitch training. Assaf served as a mentor to me and while working with him it became clear why he is so highly regarded. Assaf is very professional in every sense of the word and a true pleasure to work with.

Sebastien Adjiman

Co-Founder & CEO, DeepCoding

Resourceful and Passionate are the two words that come to my minds when I think about Assaf. I hired Assaf to help me with my startup investor presentation, and he helped me through all the process of thinking about the flow, the structure, the graphics, etc. For all these reasons, Assaf have earned my highest recommendation.

Amir Segev

Co-Founder & CEO, Texel

I had the pleasure of working with Assaf, meeting a challenging timeline while working around the clock for several days is not trivial - I was surprised and extremely satisfied with the results . Assaf was Sharp and professional covering all the potential risks and elements on which we have less control. I would recommend him with any project that requires the very best in messaging and storytelling execution.

Guy Zisman

Co-Founder & CTO, Texel

Working with Assaf was a real pleasure. I found him as who has great expertise and deep knowledge of public speaking skills. Proactive, ambitious, dedicated and broad-minded perfectionist. I would recommend him with any project that requires the very best in marketing/branding/messaging execution.​