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Brand Israel


It's not about what you say.

It's about what they hear.

Why is Israel's public image so far away from the truth? Is it all about the BDS movement? Or, does it actually have to do with how Israel communicates its story? What is "Hasbara", really, and how come only Israel has such a thing? Can we look at this from a marketing-based point of view, instead of a political one? Is it all lost, or, can we actually change the conversation dramatically? This speaking engagement exposes the story of brilliant thought leaders in Israel's public diplomacy, what they tried to do, how it challenges traditional approaches, and where do we stand today.

Why This Speaking Engagement?

This speaking engagement is essential for those who know the truth - and bother to care and be concerned. This speaking engagement fits both those who are interested, and relentless activists. Bringing up such a topic to such audiences immediately grabs the room's attention, clarifies the terms and helps navigate in this field of interest, analyses the reality, and provides an optimistic message to what the future could be. Therefore, this talk is usually followed by discussions and raises a high level of participation by the audience.

Who Is It For?

  • Pro-Israel activists

  • "Hasbara" activists

  • Both Israeli and foreign audiences

  • And anyone else that cares and wants to understand what can be done.

Spreading The Message

In doing this specific speaking engagement, I am humbled to help spread the messages and ideas of Mr. Ido Aharoni, former diplomat in Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who is a leading thought leaders in this field. Ido literally transformed my life and had a huge impact on me, when I was a student of his new approach to Israel's public diplomacy ideology. I personally believe in the importance for having these talks with anyone who cares about the challenge of the emotional perception of Israel all over the world.



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