Assaf Luxembourg's notorious speaking engagement, exposing the audience to Israel's story as a start-up powerhouse and Israel's business culture, in a pragmatic and authentic way.

Why This Speaking Engagement?

This speaking engagement is a unique way to expose your audience to Israel as a start-up powerhouse and global leading hub of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology - in an authentic way. This speaking engagement is a slimmer and thinner, yet more focused version of Assaf's notorious talk on "The Israeli Economy", and is designed to fit for any audience, of any age, background and interest, without exploring deeply into the economic aspects, but focusing on the start-up side. This speaking engagement is especially effective for young professionals, or non-affiliated audiences, who are interested in the more cultural sides of this story, and not necessarily the academically economic ones. In particular, this speaking engagement is extremely effective as an opening or concluding talk for almost any agenda.

Personal Notes

In this speaking engagement, Assaf also shares from his personal career story, how he discovered his own career passions as a young professional, how Israel's business culture of entrepreneurship and creative energy was a part of this journey, how he started his own business, sharing lessons and notes on what he learned from this journey so far. In this way, the speaking engagement highlights personal connection points by the audience, making it much more authentic and meaningful to any audience.

Added Values

v  Authentic

v  No conflict/politics
v  Interesting and refreshing

v  Exposing contemporary sides if Israel
v  Not many "dry" and tiring economic figures and graphs

v  Tapping on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
v  Designed to fit any audience

v  Light and friendly approach

v  Could be customized for clients' needs

v  Available in Spanish as well.

Approved Speaker

This speaking engagement is approved for TAGLIT Birthright Israel groups, and is listed under "Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology."

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