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The Culture of Innovation


What makes start-up ecosystems work? What does it take to foster a culture of innovation? What are clusters of excellence and how do they thrive? Why is that so important today? What are the universal lessons for any country, city, company, community and individual? In this speaking engagement, Assaf shares insights and lessons from Israel's unique case-study, becoming world-known as "Start-Up Nation."

Why This Speaking Engagement?

This speaking engagement is great for any audience which is interested in diving deeper into modern Israel and its success as "Start-Up Nation", while deriving universal lessons from it. This speaking engagement combines both academic knowledge of economics and social science, as well as lighter examples from modern culture. In order to optimize the added value, the focus is on the universal lessons (where Israel is a case study), rather than on Israel itself.

Added Values

✓ Great extension after an introduction to Start-Up Israel" [Link to theme page]

✓ Universal lessons from Israel's success as "Start-Up Nation"

✓ Combines academic knowledge with light and relatable examples

✓ Combination of business, policy making, marketing, sociology and more

✓ Could be customized for clients' needs

✓ Designed for any audience

✓ Insightful and informative

✓ Inspiring and fun

✓ No politics

Recommended Time

1.5 Hours.



The New World Around Us

Why we live in a unique era, and what it means


Lessons From Israel

Universal lessons from Israel's case-study as "Start-Up Nation"


The Rise of Start-Up Culture

Why start-up ecosystems become important


Source Of Innovation

What is the source of true innovation


It's All About Clusters

What are start-up ecosystems, and how they function

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