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Pitch and Storytelling Practice


Got an on-stage appearance to prepare for? Important investor meetings? Demo day is coming up? I can help with storytelling, design and pitch practice.

Script-Writing and Storytelling

How could you present your start-up, project or idea in a compelling way? How should you use the on-screen presentation? Do you understand the difference in dynamics between on-stage and inside-board room? I help with script-writing and storytelling, so you could persuade whoever you need. Because it's not about what you say, it's what they hear.

Presentation and Deck Design

How could you persuade using a killer presentation? What should be the structure of your deck be? What's the difference between a marketing pitch deck, investor deck, and on-stage deck? How can you persuade with less words and more graphics? I help organize the structure of the deck to fit and serve what the presenter says.

Meeting Practice and Preparation

Got meetings with investors? Large potential accounts? How should you use your deck the best? How should you act in the meeting? I help with meeting practice, and investor/account pitch preparation.

Pitch Practice and Preparation

Your big day is coming up? Know the lines by heart? Great! Now, how should you act on stage? where should your eyes go? How should you use your hands? How could the slides help you persuade, and provide a killer pitch? I help with pitch and on-stage appearance practice.

Let's get in touch.

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