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Tech Entrepreneurship in Israel


What is the difference between founding a tech start-up, and other traditional forms of business entrepreneurship? How do start-up companies grow? What are their funding stages? Why do they need a supportive ecosystem? Who's active in this industry? Who are the investors? How do they operate? What are VCs? Angels? Accelerators? In this speaking engagement, Assaf takes the audience on a tour around the start-up industry, and how it operates both in Israel and around the world.

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Why This Speaking Engagement?

This speaking engagement is great for any audience which is interested in diving deeper into Israel's thriving start-up ecosystem, as well as acquiring value-adding knowledge about how it operates. This speaking engagement is specifically tailored for groups who already had a "Start-Up Nation" exposure, and are interested in a follow-up engagement which will prepare them for company visits, meeting with industry representatives, internships, job-hunting, and more.

Added Values

✓ Great extension after an introduction to "Start-Up Israel"

✓ Practical basic knowledge about the start-up industry, for unaffiliated audiences

✓ Designed for young professionals with first steps in the industry

✓ The perfect prep engagement for internship programs in Israeli tech companies

✓ Could be customized for clients' needs

Recommended Time

1.5 Hours.


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What are Startups

How they differ  from general business entrepreneurship

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Life Cycles

Funding stages of startups

Tech Entrepreneurship in Israel_02_Ecosystem.jpg

The Ecosystem

Who’s around startups

Tech Entrepreneurship in Israel_05_VCs.jpg

Venture Capital

Who they are and how they operate

Tech Entrepreneurship in Israel_03_Axis.jpg

How the industry works

Who’s helping early stage startups

Tech Entrepreneurship in Israel_06_Terminology.jpg

Industry Terminology

Important terms to better know they industry jargon

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