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The Israeli Economy


What is the story of Israel’s economy, how is it a unique case study, and what are the universal lessons to be learned from it? What are the fundamentals that allowed Israel to transform into the dubbed “Start-Up Nation”?  In this speaking engagement, Assaf potrais the economic background of modern Israel, to help the audience gain a broader context than the local innovation ecosystem and tech industry.

Why This Speaking Engagement?

This speaking engagement is great for any audience which is interested in diving deeper into Israel's economy, beyond the local tech industry. This speaking engagement is specifically tailored for groups who already had a "Start-Up Nation" exposure, and are interested in a follow-up engagement which will inform them on the good and bad of the entire Israeli economy.

Added Values

✓ Great extension after an introduction to "Start-Up Israel"

✓ Broader economic context for Israel

✓ Combination of economics, business, social science and history.

✓ Tells the broader story, from “Kibbutz Nation” to “Start-Up Nation”

Approved Speaker

This speaking engagement is approved for TAGLIT Birthright Israel groups, and is listed under "Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology."

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Recommended Time

1.5 Hours.


Israeli Economy_01_Economic roots.jpg

The Economic Roots

Israel’s surprising socialist roots and their contribution

Israeli Economy_04_Israel as a Case Study.jpg

Israel as a Case Study

Israel as a unique outlier in its group of nations.

Israeli Economy_02_Kibbutz.jpg

“Kibbutz Nation”

How innovation thrived already in ISrael’s early days.

Israeli Economy_05_SWOT Analysis.jpg

SWOT Analysis

The unfiltered good, bad ugly and beautiful.

Israeli Economy_03_New Economy.jpg

Economic Transformation

The 1980’s crisis and the birth of a new economy

Israeli Economy_06_Start-Up Nation.jpg

The Future of Start-Up Nation

The true temporary and  permanent factors in Israel’s economy

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