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Hacking Your Israel Internship 


Assaf’s proven and effective “Hacking the New World of Work” [add link] speaking engagement, tailored with unique and specific advice for internship program participants in Israel - from Onward Israel, TAMID, Masa Israel Journey, and beyond. The unique internship insights in this speaking engagement have been proven with real life case studies of Assaf’s work as a mentor with former program participants.

Why This Speaking Engagement?

A highly effective way to kick-off an internship program in Israel. Add real value to your program participants and help them prepare for the emotional rollercoaster that is the internship and your program. The speaking engagements helps not only inspire and ignite the participants, but also align expectations between them and their internships, in order to empower them to take ownership of their journey, in order to achieve their goals for the end of the progtram.

Added Values

✓ Great opening talk for internship programs in Israel

✓ Practical, effective and proven with real life examples

✓ Inspiring and empowering

✓ Energetic and fun

✓ Your participants expect to be empowered with relevant tools for their Israel program, and for life. Don’t disappoint them.

Recommended Time

1.5 Hours.


20201129_Hacking your Masa Internship 01.jpg

New Career Paradigm

What are careers in today's world of work

20201129_Hacking your Masa Internship 04.jpg

Owning The Process

Aligning expectations with your employer and managing it as a customer

20201129_Hacking your Masa Internship 02.jpg

Think Business for your Career

Applying the "Business Unit" for practical job-hunt

20201129_Hacking your Masa Internship 05.jpg

A Mature Approach

An empowering approach to help achieve your internship goals

20201129_Hacking your Masa Internship 03.jpg

Promotion Strategies

Don't wait for a promotion, create it while still in the internship

20201129_Hacking your Masa Internship 06.jpg

The Secret Advantage

The surprising advantage interns can leverage on



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