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Hacking the New World of Work


The world of work has changed, and the "new rules of the game" are still being written. This impacts young professionals and seniors alike, employees and employers alike, all over the world. Whether you're an employee, a freelancer or a start-up entrepreneur, in today's on-demand economy you must adapt, and it starts with your state-of-mind.

By applying lessons from both start-up entrepreneurship as well as Israel’s heritage and culture, Assaf has developed the “Business Unit Manifesto” and shares practical insights for not only surviving, but thriving. This is done by an innovative and inspiring speaking engagement, alongside tailored mentoring for career empowerment, carefully designed and proven for young professionals, Olim in Israel, and long-term program participants such as Masa Israel Journey and such.



Hacking the New World of Work

The Speaking Engagement


Professional Mentoring

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Market Research at Zirra

“It has been a great pleasure to work along Assaf during the past 5 months. His professional career acknowledgment is very enriching and those who are lucky enough to receive it, will for sure, have good chances to achieve their professional goals. Assaf was able to show me a different perspective than what I was used to. I had the chance to learn and understand better ways to build long-lasting professional connections and use them for my personal growth. With great self motivation, Assaf is highly committed to his clients' success. I can say with confidence that his guidance took me further and opened new doors in Israel - my new country, which I chose to call home. I’m sure I’ve made a great friend for years to come. Thank you so much Assaf, and keep up with the brilliant work.”

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