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New York & Boston | USA

March 12-19, 2023

I was excited and honored to visit Ithaca, NY, New-York City, And Boston, MA, between March 12-19, 2023.​

I was invited to speak to students at Cornell University by Cornell Hillel, about how they should think like entrepreneurs for their careers, with a twist of the Israeli mindset, and hack the new world of work. The speaking engagement was tailored specifically towards their future internship programs, either in Israel or elsewhere, and for their next career move. Even though unfortunately the snow storm caused the face-to-face event to be cancelled, we still managed to execute it online, and I hope I was able to add unique value to the students.


I was also invited to speak to students at Boston University by BU Hillel, about lessons from Israel as "Start-Up Nation", and the universal takeaways for Israel's case study for other countries, cities, communities, companies and organizations - as well as individuals and their career paths.

I would like to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to the ROI Community for supporting me in making this trip happen, through a Micro Grant. The ROI Community has been a tremendous supporter of my journey.




Thank You for the Collaboration:

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