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Start-Up Bootcamp

A unique modular bootcamp experience which combines many content items by Assaf Luxembourg, both professional, Israel-related, and inspirational, in order to enrich participants with practical hands-on experience and understanding of the start-up business, in Israel and all over the world.

What is the Start-Up Bootcamp experience?

The Start-Up Bootcamp experience is a modular combination of many of Assaf Luxembourg's content items, in a curriculum that is coherent and consistent. The main backbone of the bootcamp are the business plan, business model, market research, and pitch seminars. Around it, additional content items are learning how the start-up world works, learning from real start-up case studies, pragmatic entrepreneurial skills such as networking, using tools such as LinkedIn, understanding what is entrepreneurship-as-a-state-of-mind in today's world of work, as well as learning about the culture of innovation and Israel's case study as a rising global start-up hub, and more.

Why this bootcamp?

  •  Fit for short-term programs, in Israel and abroad

  • Works great with external company visits in the industry

  • Could fit for a wide age range, from 15 years old to 50+ years old

  • Could fit any target audience, professional and non-affiliated alike

  • Unique experimental learning program that adds value to participants

  • Could be spread across a long time, or squeezed into a short amount of time

  • Modular program, could be assembled according to unique customers' needs

  • Combination of professional, Israel-related, and inspirational content

  • Hosting at WeWork spaces is optional

How it works?

  • Divide the group into sub-groups

  • Develop/receive start-up case-study for each group

  • Entire class studies and practices the content in a coherent and consistent way

  • Practice throughout the bootcamp in the sub-groups

  • Final pitch contest between sub-groups

  • Could be adapted to customer's needs

Get the PRO version

Need a more in-depth and professional bootcamp? Get the PRO version, which is a collaboration between Assaf Luxembourg and 3iCampus, the first international school of innovation in Tel Aviv, for global students and professionals. 3iCampus is led by Challengy, a leading global Innovation agency since 1998.


Recommended time

2 full days of content, which could be split and/or spread over time, according to groups’ needs.



Start-Up Israel

Start-Up Israel Exposure


The Culture of Innovation

Understanding Start-up Ecosystem


Tech Entrepreneurship in Israel

Tech Entrepreneurship in Israel


Market Research

Market Research with a Round Budget


The Perfect Pitch

The Perfect Pitch


Business Model Canvas

Crafting Your Business Plan



Networking. The Human Way


Business Plan

Tech Entrepreneurship in Israel



LinkedIn For Young Profesionals


Hacking the New World of Work

The Speaking Engagement

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